Rose nıght out

October started full of rush and with many tasting plans. Istanbul is a great city but sometimes, It is not possible to catch all the tasting events. Although all the difficulties (crowd, traffic, distances, etc.), I love this city and to be in rush!

This event just started as a friend meeting. We decided to enjoy the last days of hot weather with cold rose wines, so we chose three great Turkish Rose wines…

– fruit taste and fragrance, dark cherry color and medium body –

Suvla Clairet, syrah, 2011

– light pink color, fresh taste and balanced acidity –

Arcadia Rose, cabarnet franc – merlot, 2011 (awarded Premios Nuevo Vino 2010 Bronze Medal with 2009 harvest)

light color, fruit taste, balanced body and acidity.

Selendi – Gülpembe, Grenache – Mouvedre – Cinsault – Shiraz, 2011

Ekim 23, 2012