Greek Style Χαλαρα

After putting a headline like this, maybe I should start with explaining ‘χαλαρα’ (halara). The meaning can be sum up with: be relax!, no rush! or calm down!

Actually, It is the summary of The Mediterranean way of life! My 5 days of  holiday in Greece were completely ‘χαλαρα’. It was just about frappe, taverns, Greek food and Wine.

Wines in taverns were more like table wines which are actually not aged. Because of the strong taste and high acidity, we preferred to drink half sweet wine. Mediterranean cuisine is a great combination with these wines and all the ambiance of taverns and live music made our wines more and more delicious.

I came back to home with a few bottles of nice Greek wines which are waiting to be matched with the perfect plates.



Mayıs 3, 2012