Wine Notes For Spain

Catalunia and Cava
One of my note about Spain is Catalan champagne.
The first time I tasted Cava, I was in Barcelona. Cava is a kind of sparkling wine which mostly belongs to this region.
After I drank this sparkling miracle, It became an addiction to drink cold Cava in every hot evenings in Spain.
It is a fact that it doesn’t have the same taste than champagne but on the other side it is not expensive and quite easy to find in everyplace in Catalunia.

Few notes for Barcelona
As a tapas lover, I can not skip recommending some addresses that I liked.
Taller de Tapas- It is a great tapas restaurant where you can find any kind of tapas from Catalan cuisine. The ambiance of the place is also very charming and the concept is totally modern example of  ‘Barrio de Gotico’.
Rambla Catalunya 49-51,
La luna– is my favourite pub/bar to warm up for the long Spanish nightlife. To start the night with the delicious tapas of the place and cockteyls was the best for me. Everytime I go to Barcelona, I can not skip this bar. Especially the Sangria which they make with Cava is totally awesome.
C/Abaixadores 10,
Sagardi Euskal Taberna– Because I am fan of seafood, eat Basque tapas is a must for me. Their tapas which they call ‘pinchos’ is my favorite way of to get full. Different kinds of pinchos are on the bar and waiting for you. The only problem is that sometimes you can not realise how many ‘pinchos’ you ate.
Carrer de Ferran, 38,
picture from a taparia in Barcelona
I love cava
Cava Rosa and Tofu
 The amazing tapas bar
Mayıs 3, 2012
Mayıs 10, 2012