Peak poınt at Chıantı Classıco; Castello dı Albola

Every Chianti lover knows the meaning of tasting a good example of Classico. So complex, so elegant, completely worthy!

It was a fantastic experience to travel around Tuscany during a week. We started with Castello di Albola in Radda in Chianti where is in the center of Chianti Classico region. This Village is also in the middle Siena and Florence and at the highest point of Chianti Classico. That’s why  altitude gives so many advantages and special character to Castello di Albola wines.

Amazing Chianti Classico of Castello di Albola; Santa Caterina

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione; Il Solatio

There are so many things to say about Castello di Albola. Zonin family (who is Zonin? watch our previous video about it; link! ) bought this property in 70’s and and day by day turned in to a wine temple. We made a very detailed video that you must watch it to understand what I mean.