GALICIA and Albarıño

This time I want to talk about my trip to Galicia in Spain!

I went to Galicia for “Camino de Santiago”. It is a route that thousands of people walk every summer. Before starting, we all met in Madrid and got ready for almost 2 weeks of trekking. Walking part was so difficult that I can still remember very well, but along the way all that traditional food we ate was more than amazing. Especially, local wine albariño (this type of white wine belongs to this region) was really great. To drink albariño and to eat delicious foods was the only thing which made me handle that trekking.

When we arrived to Santiago de Compostela, it was like an albariño carnival for me!

Camino de Santiago was really hard but I should say that it was a unique experience for me to taste all that local stuff and drink wonderful wines in a great Galician atmosphere.

*Albariño is the primary grape used to make dry white wine in the Rias Baixes (Lower Inlets) section of the Galicia region of Northwestern Spain…

Albariño grapes’ thick skins contribute to their intense aromas. Typically, its wines are very sweet-smelling, often described as having scents of almonds or almond paste, apples, citrus, lime, peaches, and flowers or grass. Albariño shares many of the same terpenes also found in the other aromatic varieties: Gewürztraminer, Muscat, and Riesling. Albariño wines are particularly suited to seafood due to their bracing acidity (Jancis Robinson calls it “razor-sharp.”). This grape’s inherent tartness should be embraced in youth, for wines made from albariño do not age well, and the vibrant aromas begin to noticeably fade within months of bottling.

vineyards in Galicia

fantastic nature

sometimes we were really high

best way to rest with Albariño and tapas

lovely villages that we stayed in our trip

celebration in a local restaurant after we finished the route

one of the short time that I could find internet

If you order Albariño, all these tapas are free

Viva Albariño!


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