Camıno de Santıago



I really don’t remember how i became a member of this group to walk 8 days in Galicia. Also, I still don’t know the answer when people ask me about how was the walk.
i suffered a lot in this journey but at the same time i had so much fun. Especially my team was amazing and without them it would not have been possible for me to handle with this long way.
Everday wake up around 5 am, pack my back, and only with a coffee, walk at least 4-5 km for breakfast. End of the day, after 25-30 km trekking all your body surranded by pain and with double size feet, try to recover myself for the next day.
But besides that, views were amazing along the way and glass of wine-albariño (typical white wine from galicia which i like) was only 1€


 my super-positive team! 


 everything started with Cebreiro




 it was almost 6 am, weather around 10 degree and we were trying to walk. 


 thanks god! sunlight 


 altitude was very high 

 she was the strongest one







 Palas de Rei

 I was happy even with donut and coffee at 6 a.m

 there was so much rain every day




 to be continued…

Ekim 10, 2009
Nisan 21, 2012